If you’re looking for dinner in town, Rotterdam offers an array of exciting culinary destinations, each with its own unique atmosphere.
Over the past few years, the old sailors’ stomping ground of Katendrecht peninsula has been gentrified to become a trendy gastronomic area, hosting stylish eateries, coffee shops, and lively bars. Along the peninsula, the charming Deliplein square is a gathering point for crowds on weekends, where you can choose from fresh lobster at Vislokaal Kaap, Thai dishes at Delibird, classic French cuisine at Bistrot du Bac, or crispy-thin pizza at Bleij, to name just a few. Bistro du Bac and De Matroos en het Meisie are celebrated restaurants, while Ceviche y Maas, a Peruvian restaurant and pisco bar, is an upcoming new addition. But if fresh meat is what yu’re looking for, restaurant CEO Baas van het Vlees won a local award for the best meat in the Netherlands in 2015.

For a mix of food and vintage design, head to the Oude Noorden. Renovated pre-war premises and historic facades make this a charming area to sip coffee, browse designer boutiques, and then plunge into the city’s nightlife and jazz scene once evening falls. Oude Noorden hides a hoard of cosy restaurants in narrow, winding streets and village-style local squares.

It’s also in Oude Norden where you can check out FG Food Lab, run by two-Michelin star chef François Geurds. Local French restaurant, Tosca, is another classic. And for some of the best pastries in town, delight at the sweets made by the mother-daughter team at Lof der Zoetheid.
The Witte de Withstraat, which was named the ‘city’s coolest street’ by Lonely Planet, and surrounding areas also host numerous up-and-coming restaurants. In the area you will find seasonal produce specialist Dertien, hipster Fritèz, renowned for its fries and snacks, and burger joints Hamburg and Ter Marsch en Co — the latter winning the best burger in the Netherlands in 2015. Or if yo’ure feeling more adventurous, opt for a dish at Ballroom, which also serves more than 50 types of gin.

For a harbour stroll, hit the monumental Scheepvaartkwartier on the banks of the Nieuwe Maas. Here you’ll find the café and restaurant Loos, Italian La Pizza, and the classy Harbour Club, located in a hundred-year-old villa with an outdoor patio.